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Natasha Knox, CFP® PFP®

Fee Only Financial Planner
Pax Financial Planning and Education Inc.
New Westminster, BC

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Advisor's specialize in a number of services to meet the needs of their clients. Listed below are the most common services offered. To view services offered by this Advisor, refer to their profile.

Alternative Investments

Types of investments and/or investment strategies other than traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Examples of alternative investments might include hedge funds, private equity or managed futures.

Business Succession Planning

Strategies related to the passing on of the leadership/ownership of a company or business. Advice may include taxation considerations, contingency planning and the coordination of external professional services.

Cash Management Planning

A practice that considers an individuals short term and long term liquidity needs, credit, taxation considerations, budgeting, debt financing and restructuring.

Disability Planning

Strategic financial planning for individuals and dependents with physical or mental disabilities. Disability planning may include a combination of insurance needs assessment, estate planning, cash flow analysis, taxation and the use of trusts and/or the RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan).

Discretionary Portfolio Management

A service offered by advisors who hold the necessary qualifications (CFA, CIM) and are registered as a portfolio manager. A portfolio manager is authorized by his or her clients to make buy-sell decisions without referring to the client for approval of each transaction. Portfolio Managers are required to manage portfolios according to strict guidelines, frequently outlined in an Investment Policy Statement (an agreement between the client and the portfolio manager) which details how a portfolio is to be managed.

Education Planning

Creating a savings plan to support the financing of post secondary education that is balanced with other spending and saving priorities. The primary educational savings account for Canadians is the RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan).

Estate Planning

The arrangement and management of an individuals financial affairs with the goals of maximizing the value transferred at death through careful and strategic planning.

Family Office

A family office is a specialized advisory practice intended to serve the needs of very high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families. Family offices offer the integration and co-ordination of professional services intended to oversee the complete financial affairs of wealthy families. Including, but not limited to business, tax and legal advisory, philanthropic planning, wealth transfer planning, family governance and investment consulting.

Fee For Service Planning

An advisor who charges a set fee in exchange for their services. This fee can be either hourly, project based, or paid as a monthly or annual retainer. These advisors typically focus on providing detailed financial planning services rather than investment management services.

Financial Planning

A dynamic process intended to achieve specific financial goals relating to an individual or families budgeting, saving, spending and investment needs. Financial Planning considers both short term and long term goals taking into account various unforeseen events and anticipated changes in circumstances.

High Net Worth Investors

Advisors who have the necessary experience and qualifications to meet the needs of individuals and families with a high net worth. These advisors typically offer specialized and integrated investment management, estate planning and wealth transfer solutions coordinating their services with other professionals such as attorneys and accountants.

Insurance Planning

Advisors who offer clients insurance products based on an insurance needs analysis, making adjustments to coverage as necessary.

Investment Management

A generic term that refers to the managing of a portfolio of investments (the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc) to achieve a specific investment objective or combination of objectives (income, growth, capital preservation, tax minimization) while taking into consideration the clients tolerance for risk and investment time horizon.

Legacy/Philanthropic Planning

Specialized advice relating to large scale charitable donations. Planning advice may include identification and vetting of recipients, goal setting and measurement, tax considerations and trust and foundation management.

LGBTQ Planning

Advisors with the necessary experience in addressing the unique financial planning needs and challenges that confront same sex couples and people who identify as LGBTQ.

Navigating Divorce

Advisors who have specialized training in pre and post divorce financial planning. This may include advice relating to tax considerations, division of property, spousal and child support, valuing and dividing property and estate planning and insurance issues.

Portfolio Review (Second Opinion)

A complimentary service offered to prospective clients who are uncertain their needs are being met by their current advisor and are seeking an objective opinion regarding their investments. This may include concerns relating to performance, strategy, diversification, risk, fees and product type.

Retirement Planning

The process of planning life after paid work ends. This may include both lifestyle and financial considerations. Retirement planning includes considerations such as savings targets, income and cash flow planning, tax planning, insurance and estate planning.

Severance and Pension Transfer Strategies

Advice relating to the efficient transfer of severance packages and pensions, including considerations regarding taxation, benefits and investments.

Socially Responsible Investing

Sometimes referred to as sustainable or ethical investing – an investment methodology where the selection of investments is focused on companies that have corporate practices that encourage environmental protection, diversity, human rights, consumer protection, etc. Socially responsible investors will generally avoid companies involved in the production of fossil fuels, weapons, gambling, alcohol, tobacco and pornography.

Tax Planning

Evaluating an individuals financial situation and taking the necessary steps to ensure the elements of a client or households financial plan work in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Tax Preparation

Services related to the preparation of income tax returns.

US Based Investors

Advisors who are registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and able to offer wealth management services to US residents (any one residing in the USA for >182 days per year), as well as specialized services to US citizens residing in Canada.

Wealth Transfer Planning

Services intended to prepare clients and their heirs for inheritance. Services may include methods and timing of transfer, direct gifts, use of trusts and specialized investments products.

  • Cash Management Planning
  • Disability Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Fee For Service Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Legacy/Philanthropic Planning
  • LGBTQ Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Severance and Pension Transfer Strategies
  • Wealth Transfer Planning

About Me, My Team and How We Serve Our Clients

Pax Planning is an advice only financial planning firm that takes a holistic approach to personal finances.  We address the emotional and behavioral aspects of money, by integrating coaching and support the goals and numbers facets of financial planning.

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My Investment Philosophy and Methodology

As an advice only planner, I see my role in the investment process as one of helping my clients clarify exactly what kind of investment professional they need, and when necessary, facilitating their selection of a service or firm that suits their unique needs, and situation.

I am very heartened by the emergence of robo-advisors and other low-cost options in Canada, as I think they fill an important need.

In conversations with my clients, we discuss fees, but we do not stop there.  The conversation that I have with my clients is about value.  What is the value proposition of the Portfolio Manager?  What is included in the fees?  Do they have the capacity to properly service the account?

Additionally, I encourage my clients to consider process.  What process does the Portfolio Manager use when selecting their investments and developing their investment policy statement?  What is their style and how do they protect against style drift?  Can they explain how they achieve their returns?  If they are active managers, how different do they look from the index?

When it comes to investing, the best thing I can do for my clients is to help them understand their options and guide them through the investment landscape.

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SeekAdvisor Q&A

What sets you apart from other financial professionals?

We help people attain authentic financial health by addressing their financial goals as well as the emotional, relational and behavioral obstacles that form the parts of their full financial picture.

Are there any economic risks that you think investors should be aware of and what strategies do you recommend  to alleviate these risks?

The best defense against economic risks is the proper application of sound personal finance principals: eliminating consumer debt, living well below ones means, and maintaining adequate emergency funds.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes.  As a fee only financial planner I do not recommend the sale of investment products and I am completely aligned with the best interests of my clients.

Who are your typical clients?

Clients are typically mid career individuals and couples who understand what a fee for service planner does, and who are specifically looking for that level of service, neutrality and transparency.  Some clients also have friction in their personal relationship with money.  They often feel frustrated that they are not further ahead financially, given their incomes, and they are looking for support and guidance to navigate these issues.

Is your investment process free of proprietary products?


You offer clients something called Financial Therapy - can you elaborate on what makes this unique?

Financial therapy is a process informed by both financial and therapeutic competencies that helps people think, feel and behave differently with money to improve overall well-being through evidence based practices and interventions.

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